Air New Zealand Environment Trust | Budget Rent A Car New Zealand

Budget is committed to ensuring New Zealand's environment is protected and that our global image as a clean and green destination is maintained.

To help achieve this goal we have partnered with the Air New Zealand Environment Trust which supports projects which enhance New Zealand's environment.

The first project undertaken by the Trust is a conservation programme involving more than 100 acres on Mangarara Station in Hawke's Bay and will include a native reforestation project and pastoral tree planting. A holistic approach to soil management will also form part of the project. An important part of this initiative will be providing public access to the historic Hawke's Bay farming station, allowing visitors to see the project develop from its inception in 2010.

In recognition of the potential impact our industry has on the environment, Budget will make an annual contribution to the Trust on behalf of its customers who rent cars in New Zealand.

Our customers also have the option of making a donation directly to the Air New Zealand Environment Trust.

To make a contribution, simply click here