Rental Qualification Policy | Budget Car Rental

Budget New Zealand may require a customer renting a vehicle to complete a Rental Qualification Form and provide additional identification as it deems necessary or appropriate or in accordance with applicable law.

Rental Qualification Form

Once the form is complete, the customer may be required to provide all or some of the following:

  1. contact details including two contact numbers and an email address;
  2. current employment details. If the renter is not employed, the renter is required to provide two professional references from an ex-employer, solicitor, doctor or other professional; and
  3. secondary form of identification e.g. copy of utilities bill, phone bill or similar to verify (1) above.

Access to Information

Customer information obtained under this policy may be accessed by Company employees with a legitimate business need, such as, but not limited to, State Manager, Rental Sales Agent, Operations Director, Security or Legal, with appropriate approvals from senior management, to access such information for a specific purpose and an approved period.

Where required by law, the Company will provide such information to a third party.

Use and Disclosure of Information

Customer information will only be accessed and used for legitimate employment/business purposes or in connection with a rental from an airport location. Customer information may be used by the Company to accept or decline a rental.

If customer information is collected in accordance with this policy, the customer may be entitled to access this information in compliance with applicable law.

Information Storage

Any personal information collected in the course of this policy will be stored securely by the Company in compliance with applicable law.

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