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Spark something different on your next trip

When you start your adventure with an open mind by renting a Budget EV, you’ll be more open to other new and exciting things along the way too. Things that can make the good stuff, well, the great stuff. So don’t hold back.

Introducing Budget Electric Vehicles

Budget’s electric fleet is made up of exciting cars with the latest technology and fast charge capability. Fully charged, our EVs have a driving range of up to 450 kilometres, with both free and paid charging stations set up across North and South Islands. Which means, wherever you are, you’ll be able to spark the next exciting adventure. Better yet, they’re available at Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington airports – with even more locations coming soon.

Whatever your need, we’ve got an EV to match.

The Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y are sleek, stylish, and stacked with great features that make the drive just as exciting as the destination. Once you give it a go, we promise you’ll never look back. The Hyundai Ioniq 5 and the Hyundai Kona Electric might be small SUVs, but they’re big on the latest technology like regenerative braking, and fast acceleration. The smooth, sculpted lines aren’t bad on the eye either. So if you’re curious about EVs, here’s your opportunity. Book online with Budget and spark something different on your next adventure.

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Dig a little deeper into our EV range

Group H - EV Intermediate

Hyundai Ioniq 5 or the Hyundai Kona Electric


Group B - EV Sedan

Tesla Model 3 or Tesla Model Y


What it’s like to drive an EV

Looks like you’re open to sparking something different. Good stuff. An EV may feel a little different to drive at first, but we’ll get you in the road in no time.


Engine noise? What engine noise?

When you’re driving an EV, you won’t hear a peep. Because with no internal combustion in the engine or exhaust being emitted, there’s hardly any noise created. Now that’s a pleasant change.

Although, most EVs do offer a function to make noise so you can alert other people on the road. Check the vehicle manual for more information.


Cruise past the petrol stations

Forget about getting pumped by petrol prices. Charging stations are your new normal, which means more money for the good stuff. Just remember to keep an eye on your battery level and plan your trip accordingly.

Pro tip: download the ChargeNet (paid) or PlugShare (free) apps to find a charging station.


It’s like you’ve only got one gear

In an automatic car, gears move up and down as your speed changes. But in an EV, you’re far quicker off the mark. Because immediate torque means rapid acceleration.

Be careful with the accelerator though. The power might surprise you at first. Take it slow at traffic lights and intersections, and always maintain a safe distance between vehicles.


Regenerative braking saves battery

Here’s something awesome. The innovation of regenerative braking takes the wasted energy from slowing down and uses it to recharge the battery. It’s like an in-built charging station.

To take advantage of this, you need to enable regenerative braking. The car will then automatically detect the environment and situation, applying the appropriate level of deceleration.


Driving with one pedal? That’s new

The other thing about regenerative braking is it means you can drive with just one pedal. How good. Simply ease your foot off the accelerator and the car will automatically start to decelerate.

Don’t worry about the brake lights, they’ll light up like they normally do.

WARNING: It takes time to get comfortable with one pedal driving. So in emergencies or when you need to stop suddenly, please use the brake pedal.


Frequently Asked Questions about EVs

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