Excess Reduction | Budget New Zealand Car Rental

Excess Reduction is a complete and easy insurance option for renters over 25 years of age. In the event of an accident, Excess Reduction (ER) reduces your financial liability to a manageable amount. Provided you comply with the terms of the additional cover, ER ensures that for any loss or damage to the Budget vehicle you will not have a liability greater than the reduced excess, even if you were at fault.

Excess Reduction can be selected as an Optional Extra on your reservation and for a small fee it reduces your standard excess liability by up to 90%. The cost of optional Excess Reduction on general leisure rentals is:

Group A – E: $26.00 + GST per day
Group F – L: $28.00 + GST per day

By accepting Excess Reduction the reduced excess amount charged varies depending on the applicable Budget Corporate Discount (BCD) code or car group, but in general leisure rentals have the following reduced excess values:

Group A-E,H: $300.00 + GST
Group G, P, F, V, K, L, S, and W: $300.00 + GST

PLEASE NOTE: Excess Reduction / Budget Driver Protection is only available to renters aged 25 years or older.

Replacement to Damaged Vehicles

In the event of an accident, Budget may replace the damaged rental vehicle at no extra cost.