24/7 Roadside Assistance Cover | Budget New Zealand


Mechanical Breakdown Assistance

Every Budget rental includes mechanical breakdown assistance. Should the car suffer a not-at fault mechanical breakdown, Budget will come to the rescue. Sometimes though you may like additional coverage to keep you on your way.

Roadside Assistance (RSN)

Enjoy your journey more and worry less with Roadside Assistance, providing you with reassurance on common roadside issues.

By purchasing Roadside Assistance, you will be covered for the below items:


Roadside Assistance


Roadside Assistance Plus


Call out fees (min $205) as a result of non-mechanical, customer at fault roadside assistance support

Up to $20 fuel delivery

Recovery support for vehicle lock-outs, vehicle unlock (e.g. keys locked inside) and the cost for lost or replacement keys

Recovery support for tyre-related incidents, e.g. change & puncture repair (not the cost for a new tyre)

Towing costs up to 100km and/or to the nearest rental location under 100km

Recovery support for jump-starts due to a flat battery

Windscreen replacement


Non-mechanical issues that are caused or contributed to by the renter will result in the renter being charged a callout fee and the costs of fixing the issue, unless you have purchased Roadside Assistance as an optional extra on your rental.


How much does Roadside Assistance and Roadside Assistance Plus cost?

Product Per Day  Maximum Per 30 Day Rental
Roadside Assistance $9.20 $92
Roadside Assistance Plus $11.50  $115

Prices are inclusive of GST and subject to change without notice.

If you are not covered, you can incur a call-out fee of $205 for these non-mechanical faults.


Roadside Assistance Plus (RSP)

Roadside Assistance Plus includes the benefit of a windscreen replacement. Find out more here.